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10 Poppin' Ideas For Date Night!

Wednesday 2nd February 2022


On the hunt for some stay at home date night ideas? Don’t fret! Here at Joe & Seph’s, we’ve got you covered. We’ve come up with 10 unique date night ideas to get things poppin’ this Valentine’s day.


1. Binge watch a series or how about a romcom?

Valentine’s is THE night to relax, it’s the time to get in your cosies, get started on that series you’ve been dying to watch, or pop on a romcom. Whichever you decide, we’ve got the delicious date night snacks covered.

Introducing, our brand-new Chocolate Popcorn Slab, available in two indulgent flavours of Milk Chocolate or Vegan Dark Chocolate, these are the ideal movie-night in treat.. you just have to try and snap off the biggest piece!

Don’t care to share? If you’re a little more protective over your movie snacks, how about tucking into your own pouch of popcorn? Here’s some of our Popcorn best sellers to help you choose..

2. Light some candles and get your favourite takeaway delivered.

It’s time to relax and unwind this Valentine’s day and what better way to do that than with a candle lit dinner. Transform your home into a beautiful sea of glowing lights by scattering scented tea lights around your home.

Once you’ve got the lighting right, it’s time to think about what’s on the menu, as no date is quite the same without something delicious for dinner.

As this years Valentine’s day is on a Monday, many of us will have been at work all day and might not have had the time to cook a 3 course meal for our special Valentine. So, why not order one of your favourite takeaways? You can always pop the food on some pretty dinner plates to make it an ‘extra special’ treat.

3. Make your own gourmet popcorn at home.

A staple for any movie night in! Whether you’re a sweet or salty kind of pair, try your hand at creating the easiest and tastiest snack of all... Popcorn! There are two ways you can get cinema style snacks, either ‘pop’ some popcorn kernels in the microwave or on the hob and watch the light and fluffy mouthfuls reveal themselves! OR, if you really want to show off, why not give our very own J&S Popcorn Maker a go, its super easy to set up and you can create a warming bowl of gourmet popcorn in minutes! (plus, there’s a 10% discount right now!)

But who likes plain popcorn? We recommend pushing the boat out and smothering yours in our J&S caramels, available in a mouth-watering 5 flavours AND available in mini make your own kits with kernels too, they’re a sure fire way to impress your date!

4. Fancy yourself as a bit of a chef?

As mentioned above, the majority of us barely have the energy to bake a potato after work. However, there are some chefs and bakers amongst us and haven’t we got some date night inspo for you! First up, Mains. Valentine’s day is a time to indulge, and this Marmite Mac & Cheese recipe is nothing short of delectable! Filled with creamy cheesy goodness and a generous sprinkling of Marmite popcorn, you’re on to a winner.

Next, it’s the bit that everybody looks forward to, dessert. We’ve created a date night dessert that is sure to score some points with your Valentine, a deliciously decadent chocolate mousse topped with our brand-new Chocolate popcorn slab.

5. Get a map and start deciding on those dream getaways

How long have you both been daydreaming about jet-setting off to a remote island with crystal clear waters, golden sands and unlimited cocktails? Or, perhaps you’ve been talking about backpacking around the breathtaking mountains that the world has to offer. Well, Valentine’s is the perfect evening to sit around a map with your loved one and finally start deciding on that dream get away.

6. Bring some mystery to your evening..

If you’re the sort of person that breaks out in a sweat at the thought of finding the perfect gift or treat for your loved one, don’t fret. We’ve come up with a little Mystery bundle box, where we pick 6 x pouches of our famous gourmet popcorn for you to try. They’re all picked at random to give your date night a unique tasting experience. Why not organise a blind taste test game to get the taste buds going.

7. Get a date night theme going

Picture this: Fajitas, sombreros and margaritas! Whatever the theme, whether it’s a Mexican fiesta, American burger party, a French style picnic, or a Spanish tapas evening, get some props and decorations and try a different culture for the evening.

Whichever theme you might choose, we’ve got lots of popcorn flavours to go with it! From American style mac & cheese popcorn to mojito flavour popcorn, you can go all out!

8. Let’s take this outside.

If you’re one of the lucky ones to either have a garden or a balcony, make the most of it! We might be in February but wrap up warm and take your Valentine outside to gaze at the stars. You could even go for a romantic evening stroll and take a hip flask with your favourite nightcap to warm you up.

9. Try making your favourite cocktails

We don’t know what the rules are about drinking on a Monday but we’d say Valentine’s night is a pretty great excuse to push them aside! How about learning to make your favourite ever cocktail? Order a simple cocktail starter kit and become the bartender you never knew you could be. ..we’ll have a Pina Colada!

10. Get crafty

Lastly, it’s time to get crafty. This date night idea might mean a small amount of prep, but we promise it’s going to give you the brownie points you know you deserve.

Try printing off a variety of photos of you and your partner, funny memories, beautiful holidays, embarrassing snaps, the list is endless.

Get comfy and sit down together and enjoy reminiscing whilst you fill a scrapbook full of your time together. So often these types of pictures stay on a mobile phone screen, so put them somewhere they really matter and create a keepsake.