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Chocolate Christmas Tiffin

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 Try your hand at this delicious Chocolate Christmas Tiffin recipe from @PLgymaddict



 400g Digestive Biscuits

170g Mixed Fruits (raisins, sultanas & mixed peel)

70g Dark Chocolate Chips

 90g Golden Syrup

 70g Unsalted Butter

250g Dark Chocolate

60g Glacier Cherries

For the topping:

200g Dark Chocolate

50g White Chocolate

1 Jar of Joe & Seph's Brandy Butter Caramel Sauce 



1.     Break up the digestive biscuits using a rolling pin. secure the biscuits in a plastic food bag to prevent making a mess. 

2.     Add in the mixed fruit.  

3.     Cut the cherries into quarters and add to the mixture and then the chocolate chips. 

4.     Weigh out the chocolate and break into cubes, so it melts evenly. 

5.     Add in the butter and golden syrup and melt over a pan of water, ensuring the glass bowl doesn't touch the water. 

6.     Mix the melted chocolate into the dry ingredients. 

7.     Flatten the mixture into a 12" x 6" baking tray.  

8.     Put into the fridge to cool for 2 hours, so that the tiffin stiffens up. 

9.     Melt the full jar of caramel sauce, by microwaving for 20 seconds. 

10.  Pour over the top of the tiffin, and pop back into the fridge for another hour. 

11.  Melt the rest of the dark chocolate and white chocolate separately, cover the tiffin with the dark chocolate and then use the white chocolate to decorate. 

12.  Cool in the fridge for another hour and then cut and ENJOY!

This is the perfect substitute for those who aren't a fan of mince pies and is a perfect treat to bring along to Christmas parties! Head over to @PLgymaddict blog for more