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Sophie Thompson's Ice Cream Cake

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The lovely Sophie Thompson, winner of Celebrity Masterchef 2014, has very kindly sent us this great recipe for Ice Cream Cake served with Joe & Seph's Chocolate & Hazelnut Sauce. We've tried it and it's a bit delicious...


300g Ginger nut biscuits
100g Butter
1.5l Vanilla ice-cream
100g Chocolate chips
25g Flaked almonds
Joe & Seph's Chocolate & Hazelnut Sauce


  1. Take your ice-cream from the freezer and leave on the side to soften a bit.
  2. Gently melt the butter, either in the microwave or on a low heat on the hob
  3. Whilst the butter is melting, get your biscuits into a plastic bag (make sure it has no holes!) and give them a good pummelling with a rolling pin until you have ginger nut crumbs. Put the ginger nut crumbs into a large bowl and add the melted butter. Mix in well.
  4. Take the butter and ginger nut mixture and pour into the bottom of a 20cm tin (a tin with a removable bottom will make lifer easier later).  Press the mixture into the base of the tin.
  5. Place your softened ice-cream into another large bowl and stir until a smooth consistency. Next, stir the chocolate chips into the smooth ice-cream, and spread this mixture evenly over the ginger nut bottomed tin. Place the tin in the freezeruntil the cake is firm (2 - 4 hours)
  6. When you’re ready to serve, remove your pudding from the freezer, and liberate from tin.
  7. Give your Joe & Sephs a good stir to get it going, and drizzle it like a loon all over your ice cream cake.
  8. Finally, lightly toast the flaked almonds and scatter over the pudding for an added texture.
  9. Serve to the deserving