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Boozy Pineapples

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This one is definitely for the adults! You have to be patient making these, but they really are worth the wait, thanks @theculinarybee :D




1. To cut the pineapple, cut off the top and bottom using a large Chef's knife, and carve away the skin. Don't eat the core of the pineapple, so carve large chunks around it ( almost like how you cut up an apple). Cut the slices in half. 

2. In a large saucepan, add the rum, brandy, butter, sugar, and star anise in and leave to boil. When it has reduced by half, add the vanilla paste and then add Joe & Seph's Rum & Raisin Caramel Sauce in, stir until mixed.

3. On a wide baking tray lined with foil, place the cut slices of pineapple, and pour over the alcoholic caramel sauce and mix so the pineapple is coated. Leave to marinate like that for at least half a day.

4. When ready to bake, discard the star anise, and turn the oven to 150 degrees. Pop the pineapple and caramel in ( still using the same baking tray) and bake for 45 minutes, until the pineapple is extremely soft.

5. Leave to cool for around 7 minutes before serving as this will be exceptionally hot.

6. Serve in a bowl, with ice cream and plenty of the boozy sauce.