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Celebrating Our Head Chef, Karoline!

Tuesday 12th April 2022


What is your job title here at Joe & Seph’s?

Head Pastry Chef, I’ve been here since the very beginning.


What were you doing before Joe & Seph’s?

I had many great jobs before I came to Joe & Seph’s, I’ve worked as a pastry chef in many 5* hotels in London, I actually worked in Claridge’s hotel.

Another job I had was working for a fine patisserie which is where I learnt a lot about chocolate and how to work with it.

But my first apprenticeship took place in Dusseldorf, at a chocolate company named Heinemann, that’s where it really all began.


How did you get the job?

Jackie & Joseph were actually renting one of the kitchens downstairs and I was working upstairs. I could smell their popcorn and everyday I would run downstairs to ask if I could have some. That’s where it started, they say I was the third employee of Joe & Seph’s!


What’s your favourite part of the job?

I love that I get to train all of these wonderful people and share the skill I’ve learnt throughout the years. I also think the quality of popcorn that we produce on a daily basis is something quite unique, and we’re always trying to improve!


What do you find the most challenging?

Again, the quality. This is something that myself and my whole team have to keep up on a daily basis and we will never let that slip. I think the amount of time we spend on developing new products can also be challenging sometimes but we won’t stop until they’re perfect.


How big is your team?

I have 20 people in my team at the moment, when Christmas comes around though we always have to employee extras.


Why do you think Joe & Seph’s has been such a success over the years?

The fact that we can provide such high-quality popcorn and in the amounts we do. Everything is handmade by my staff, we take such care in everything we do and I think our customers can genuinely taste that.


What’s been your favourite memory at Joe & Seph’s?

I don’t have one favourite memory but I do feel that knowing I’m a big part of the team makes me smile. The appreciation that the team have for what I do is very nice.


What’s your favourite flavour?

I have a few! I love Cheese on Toast (especially when it’s warm and straight out of the oven). Gin & Tonic and Caramel, Chilli & Pepper are also favourites of mine.